♦ Rehabilitated 10 dilapidated irrigation tanks in Dharwad and Haveri districts of Karnataka, The structures have been maintained well. The water holding capacity of the tanks has gone up. Stored water is being used for crop cultivation. The command area which was 25% before rehabilitation rose to 75% post intervention. Water bodies got recharged in the area improving the ecosystem.

♦ So far 500 farmers have been covered under Integrated Farming System in Dharwad district of Karnataka. Every farmer has planted 40 horticultural plants, 250 forestry species, fodder slips on their land. The farmers now have farm ponds in their field that hold 1 lakh to 5 lakh litres of rain water. The farmers now don’t depend upon monoculture but have multiple options to sustain their livelihoods. They are also affected the least when the rains fail.

♦ Through two cohorts, 17 young fellows were trained in Water and Sanitation issues. They stayed in villages of Dharwad, Haveri, Gadag and Kolar districts of Karnataka, drew Participatory Action Plans and implemented. Construction of toilets got acceleration in all these villages. In some villages the coverage was as high as 87%. Supply of safe drinking water through RO units, renovation of community wells, small tanks in Dharwad and Kolar districts, ensuring water supply to remote colonies of villages in all the districts were feats mention worthy.

♦ Through the Leadership Development Programme for children, a total of 430 children from 10 rural Government schools of eight villages of Dharwad district (Karnataka) were covered as of 2017. These children have improved their habits, follow healthy and hygienic routine, empathise with parents, siblings and peers. Their communication skills are polished and time sense improved. They have become aware of their responsibilities. This in turn is expected to result in better academic results.

♦ A total of 1000 small and marginal farmers of Dharwad district have been organised under Producer Company. They now by pass middlemen in procuring agricultural and horticultural produce from members and non members and in selling it. They will gain bargaining power and decision making abilities.

♦ Four thousand farmers in Navalgund block of Dharwad district (Karmataka) belonging to 20 Gram Panchayats haven now started getting solutions to their agricultural problems through technology. The farmers have now started treating their seeds before sowing, embraced improved crop varieties and got connected intimately to dept of Agriculture. They are aware of promotional price for their produce as well as crop insurance schemes.


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